GoFlex Net as OpenMediaVault

It is important, that the rootfs is on a fast disk! I had it on a (rubbish!) usb flash drive and it was not usable. I moved it to a hdd (LaCie 5TB) which is connected via usb, and it works perfectly. I’ll see how TimeMachine backups are working.

I am not to happy with the performance and did not get TimeMachine to work (connection – fine. But I guess sone issues with timeouts and such stuff…).

So for the time being, I rely on TiomeMachine on a USB hdd attached to the monitor and use an old laptop as my NAS / Plexserver.

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Things to do after installing OpenMediaVault

I started using OpenMediaVault as my NAS of choice. My reason: it includes plugins for running and installing Plex Media Server and VirtualBox. This makes it very handy, especially the Plex Media Server. And it is based on Debian.

This is work in progress and additions will follow.

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Pogoplug Logitech Media Server & Time Capsule

This is a draft and work in progress (maybe not?). Regular updates might appear here. But as is=t seems at the moment, I split the different purposes to different machines. I will see.

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Pogoplug as ftp server

The purpose is to have an ftp server so that otr files can be uploaded there via pushftp.

This is a throw-away configuration, quick to rebuild if necessary.

Install Debian as usual.

This is based on https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/proftpd-installation-on-debian-and-ubuntu/.

1 Install proftpd

  apt-get install proftpd-basic

1.1 ADDED: Add debian hostname to /etc/hosts

  echo " debian" >> /etc/hosts

1.2 Create user and groups

addgroup ftpgroup
adduser otrupload -shell /bin/false -home /ftpshare
adduser otrupload ftpgroup

1.3 Change permissions

chmod -R 1777 /ftpshare/

1.4 Adapt /etc/proftp/proftpd.conf


    RootLogin   off
    RequireValidShell off

DefaultRoot  ~

<Limit LOGIN>
    DenyGroup !ftpgroup

Compile pdf-ftools on Mac – env settings

To compile pdf-tools under OS X:

The paths for the PKG_CONFIG_PATH have to be set before calling pdf-tools-install.

If they are set as follow (depending on via homebrew installed zlib package)

         (getenv "PKG_CONFIG_PATH")))

After this,


works without problems in emacs.

Convert multiple mbox files into a maildir

I downloaded the complete org-mode archives and they are available as mbox files. But I wanted to have t=hem in my local dovecot installation which uses maildir, so I had to convert them.

Long search and short story:

  1. I downloaded a script is from https://github.com/igor47/mailtools/blob/master/mbox2maildir.py and named it conv.pl
  2. I run it together with find to iterate through all mbox files

mkdir ./Maildir find . -name “MATCHINGTHEMBOXFILES” -exec ./conv.pl {} ./Maildir/ \;

  1. The files are created in ./Maildir/new.

I then moved them to my maildir used by dovecot

mv ./Maildir/new ~/Maildir/TARGETFOLDER/new

When opening my mail program, they are displayed in the email program as new mails.

Easy (finally).

Cheers and enjoy life,


Update all user installed R packages – again

And I had to do it again: I am using R installed from homebrew, and after the upgrade from Mavericks to Yosemite, I had to re-install all packages – or was it a GCC upgrade? I don’t know – but I had to do it again.

I still had the link to Randys Zwitch’s solution but I think there were some shortcomings. His solution is as follows:

## Get currently installed packages
package_df <- as.data.frame(installed.packages("/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/2.15/Resources/library"))
package_list <- as.character(package_df$Package)

## Re-install Install packages

The shortfalls were:

  • hard coded path to the library
  • I don’t like factors…
  • I want (need) to install from source

So I just revised the script slightly and came up with this solution:

    lib  = lib <- .libPaths()[1],
    pkgs = as.data.frame(installed.packages(lib), stringsAsFactors=FALSE)$Package,
    type = 'source'

Very similar, but, most importantly, the path is not hardcoded.

Hope this helps somebody.

Cheers and enjoy life,


P.S: The enjoy life has become more important for me – a friend died in an helicopter crash and he left his wife with two little children. Life is really to short and can end anytime – to precious not be enjoyed. RIP.