Things to do after installing OpenMediaVault

I started using OpenMediaVault as my NAS of choice. My reason: it includes plugins for running and installing Plex Media Server and VirtualBox. This makes it very handy, especially the Plex Media Server. And it is based on Debian.

This is work in progress and additions will follow.

1 enable ssh

From the web GUI.

2 Install some tools

Some things are very useful when using ssh:

  apt-get install screen mc zile less

3 disable quota.

Quota causes sometimes long waits upon reboot if the drives are large. See OpenMediaVault Forum for an example and the solution: run under ssh:

update-rc.d quota disable

4 create links to the mounted drives with their label names

When using ssh regularly, it becomes cumbersome to identify the mounted drives by their UUIDs. Solution: create symlinks using e.g. the Label of the drives. Using ssh:

cd /media
ln -s ./293a10f7-b560-4e60-9d4c-2be8091f748a ./ThisIsMyHugeHDD

5 install gpt

gpt is a set of command line tools for GPT partitions, i.e. disks over 2TB. Essential if you want to partition hdds via ssh.

  apt-get install gpt

6 install gparted

I like the simplicity of gparted for partitioning discs – so I installed it as well.

  apt-get install xauth gparted

7 install cifs-utils

As the remoteshares plugin is not working, I install cifs-tools to set up remote shares manually

  apt-get install cifs-utils


3 responses to “Things to do after installing OpenMediaVault

  1. thanks also just started using and enjoying omv, still learning and looking for info. wondering if you have looked at the docker plugin?

    • Sorry – haven’t used it extensively. Just played with it and decided to not use it at the moment because of lack of necessity for it.

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