GoFlex Net as OpenMediaVault

It is important, that the rootfs is on a fast disk! I had it on a (rubbish!) usb flash drive and it was not usable. I moved it to a hdd (LaCie 5TB) which is connected via usb, and it works perfectly. I’ll see how TimeMachine backups are working.

I am not to happy with the performance and did not get TimeMachine to work (connection – fine. But I guess sone issues with timeouts and such stuff…).

So for the time being, I rely on TiomeMachine on a USB hdd attached to the monitor and use an old laptop as my NAS / Plexserver.

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Pogoplug Logitech Media Server & Time Capsule

This is a draft and work in progress (maybe not?). Regular updates might appear here. But as is=t seems at the moment, I split the different purposes to different machines. I will see.

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Convert multiple mbox files into a maildir

I downloaded the complete org-mode archives and they are available as mbox files. But I wanted to have t=hem in my local dovecot installation which uses maildir, so I had to convert them.

Long search and short story:

  1. I downloaded a script is from https://github.com/igor47/mailtools/blob/master/mbox2maildir.py and named it conv.pl
  2. I run it together with find to iterate through all mbox files

mkdir ./Maildir find . -name “MATCHINGTHEMBOXFILES” -exec ./conv.pl {} ./Maildir/ \;

  1. The files are created in ./Maildir/new.

I then moved them to my maildir used by dovecot

mv ./Maildir/new ~/Maildir/TARGETFOLDER/new

When opening my mail program, they are displayed in the email program as new mails.

Easy (finally).

Cheers and enjoy life,


From Linux to OS to Linux and back – and finally???

Long time no blog – I hope this will change.

Recently, I got a new computer. Well, this s not to much news, this happens to nearly everybody (especially if the old one is about 6 years old). But I decided that I want to have a Mac – retina – and as I got the opportunity, here it is: Mac Powerbook Retina.

I must say, very nice machine.

Now to the OS. There are many links on how to install Ubuntu on a Mac Retina (http://randomtutor.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/installing-ubuntu-1304-on-retina.html is the one I used, but there are many others around) and I tried it.

Well – this is a story for itself, but after four times re-partitioning the mac, installing ubuntu, not getting it to work, deleting the partitions, giving up, deleting the partitions, not managing to translate my workflow into OS X, repartitioning, …, I finally got ubuntu to boot. Very nice indeed.


  • The touch pad is unusable
  • The screen is nothing compared to OS X

So I gave up. It was not easy – I mean after all the NSA listening in in the internet, the backdoors in different OS, Linuxz would be the choice. But I decided: If the NSA is listening at the odes, it is irrelevant which OS I am using, they will listen anyway. So I decided to give OS X a try and we will see if I am happy.

Now this was not as easy as I thought, as there are many pitfalls. As one (I) has (had) to learn, even if OS X is build aon free BSDm, it is definitely not Linux.

Now what were the problems:

  • Understanding the differences between Linux and OS X (and there ar many!)
  • Understanding the similarities between Linux and OS X (and there are many!)
  • installing certain programs
  • where the hack is the package management????????
  • paths, paths and more paths.

Before this is getting to long, I will have several follow up posts ,describing certain aspects of the migration from Ubuntu to OS X. These will include

  • R
  • emacs
  • ess
  • org mode
  • whatever comes to mind or is suggested.

So – if I don’t follow up my promise to blog about this migration: remind and push me. And let me know, which aspects interest you the most.

It is a very interesting experience for me, and I think it is worth to spread the word.

So this is it for today

Cheers and enjoy life