Pogoplug Logitech Media Server & Time Capsule

This is a draft and work in progress (maybe not?). Regular updates might appear here. But as is=t seems at the moment, I split the different purposes to different machines. I will see.

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Pogoplug as ftp server

The purpose is to have an ftp server so that otr files can be uploaded there via pushftp.

This is a throw-away configuration, quick to rebuild if necessary.

Install Debian as usual.

This is based on https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/proftpd-installation-on-debian-and-ubuntu/.

1 Install proftpd

  apt-get install proftpd-basic

1.1 ADDED: Add debian hostname to /etc/hosts

  echo " debian" >> /etc/hosts

1.2 Create user and groups

addgroup ftpgroup
adduser otrupload -shell /bin/false -home /ftpshare
adduser otrupload ftpgroup

1.3 Change permissions

chmod -R 1777 /ftpshare/

1.4 Adapt /etc/proftp/proftpd.conf


    RootLogin   off
    RequireValidShell off

DefaultRoot  ~

<Limit LOGIN>
    DenyGroup !ftpgroup