This blog will likely be about

  • R – the programming language for stats, but also for simulations, as it can interface easily with C/C++, Fortran, Java, …
  • GIS in the widest sense – I use GRASS and QGIS and GDAL and will possibly have something to say about those
  • org-mode ESS and emacs – the best and for me by now only way to write R code
  • Science – as I am a scientist, this is obvious. It will include spatial statistics, alien species, management, general scientific topics, …
  • Open source software – I use Linux (Ubuntu) and am of the opinion that whenever possible, open source software should be used, particularly  in research

Will I blog regular?

  • We’ll see, but I don’t think so. Blogging for the sense of blogging is useless. Also: I am lazy.

Who am I?

  • We’ll – let’s leave it at that: I am a scientist, who is blogging about the things I mentioned above.
  • Is more info relevant? I will reveal more possibly in later blogs.

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