Fluxbox and auto-mount

Fluxbox is my window manager of choice, even though I use ubuntu (Oneriric at the moment – very nice, faster then Natty, and as I am not using Unity, I am happy).

But there was one thing which bothered me after the upgrade: auto-mount of external drives was not working anymore. I used under natty nautilus -n to start nautilus in the background and enable the auto-mount. But in Oneiric, auto-mounting has been moved from nautilus to the gnome-settings-daemon. So I asked on the fluxbox list, and got the tip to try udisks and after installing udisk-glue, it worked out of the box. Both are in the Oneiric repo, so

sudo apt-get install udisks-glue

will do the job and it worked out of the box.

Cheers and enjoy life.