Fluxbox and auto-mount

Fluxbox is my window manager of choice, even though I use ubuntu (Oneriric at the moment – very nice, faster then Natty, and as I am not using Unity, I am happy).

But there was one thing which bothered me after the upgrade: auto-mount of external drives was not working anymore. I used under natty nautilus -n to start nautilus in the background and enable the auto-mount. But in Oneiric, auto-mounting has been moved from nautilus to the gnome-settings-daemon. So I asked on the fluxbox list, and got the tip to try udisks and after installing udisk-glue, it worked out of the box. Both are in the Oneiric repo, so

sudo apt-get install udisks-glue

will do the job and it worked out of the box.

Cheers and enjoy life.


7 responses to “Fluxbox and auto-mount

    • Great to hear that it helped – please let others know as well.

      Concerning opening file manager automatically: no idea – I actually like it as it is, as I use the external HDD mostly via the command line, so opening a file manager would be overkill.
      But I am sure that this could be done quite easily.

      What I am using is screenlets (www.screenlets.org) and have one FolderView screenlet open of the /media directory – so if I want to open the mounted drive, I just click on it.

  1. On the downside, I have found that using udisk-glue slows down data transfer rates (to something like 200K a second!) so I’m still looking for a way to automount AND not wait forever to transfer files to my USB stick.

    • udisk-glue uses sync as a default – just check in the config. I created a ~/.udisks-glue as follow:

      filter disks {
      optical = false
      partition_table = false
      usage = filesystem

      match disks {
      post_insertion_command = "udisks --mount %device_file"

      i.e., I deleted the “--mount-options sync

  2. Thanks for the post. I find that I still have to run udisks-glue after I plug in an external disk to have it show up. Is that how it should work or am I missing an aspect of post installation setup?

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